Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I took the dive!

Back Again!
it's a love hate relationship!
Summer School started today, and as I sat in my advanced Stats class I started having mixed emotions about the next four years of my life.... my life full of biology, chemistry and physiology! At least Anatomy and cadavers are something to look forward too!

Many of you know that I have decided to go back to school to do my doctorates in physical therapy.. the end result makes me excited, another four years of school makes me hyperventilate!!!

Its ok
I can do this...
I can do this
I can

2 comments: :) said...

And you're right -- you CAN! So you GO girl -- we're proud of you!! If you need a get-away -- come up and we'll feed you. Isn't there a run up this way?? Love ya' -- a.r. :)

babyjane said...

I just graduated and it is bittersweet, but I have to say that I could not go back right this minute! You are totally inspiring Micah, I can not express that are amazing!!!