Monday, June 21, 2010


Everytime I do it, I start to wonder why... Especially when 3am rolls around and I am getting ready to run 8 miles... in the dark... in COALVILLE!!!

But it is only 12 of the 24 hours that I dread.... like only getting the 1 hour of sleep, curled up in a ball on the van seat.... being crammed in a van, with 5 other stinky, grumpy runners. Eating Protein bars and other things that I pray will keep me going. . . . but the run, the motivation and support from friends.
Accomplishing something that you questioned whether or not you would be able to... The finish line. the night of sleep you never thought could feel so great... All make it worth it.

RAGNAR- not only is it the largest relay in the country...
It is seriously one of the most challenging events that I have done..
Harder then a marathon... a century, and even harder than swimming in a triathalon (which is extremely hard for me).. You go through moments of "how am I going to do this", "can I make it through another leg, my last leg.." I just need sleep", what was I thinking"... but it is an amazing experience that everyone should have!!! and it was through my home town!!!

I did my second Ragnar this weekend...
I wasn't planning on doing it- nor did I train to do it- but when a spot opened up on my friends team, without really even thinking about it- I committed.. and it was all worth it.. I didn't know however, that it was me that would be running the "RAGNAR" the 1700 ft elevation gain in 4 miles.... in the heat of the day!!!!
Thank God for that girl running ahead of me in her tutu... I couldn't let a girl in a tutu outrun me!!! And for the amazing beauty of the Wasatch mountains, my own stomping grounds to enjoy for an event like this....

All in all I made it- I kept a steady pace of the hill.
I had an awesome team of crazy people supporting me... The Average Joes..

are not so average!!!
Giving me water, that I was in much need of!!!
Ice cold sponges (that were amazing)
and motivation to get to the end...

Everytime I do it I wonder why.... but what the heck...
Vegas Ragnar here we come!!!