Tuesday, March 30, 2010

With New Eyes

It all began, one beautiful Sunday morning..... Yoga, a cup of Joe, and Einsteins bagel..
I was prepared for a very long ride... for, as best I could remember the ride to Nana and Pompas was always so brutally long as a little girl..
We drove, and drove... It was a different experience than it used to be. Granted there are parts of that ride thru the Nevada Deserts that are really ..... well, boring; but also very pretty.. and hey, before I knew it I was 100 miles from Lovelock Nevada...
It was fun reminicing so many childhoo memories to Lyle about my summer trips to visit Grandma, Nana, and Popma.. Truck rides, tall diving boards (which when you are a grown up, they dont seem so tall), bike rides to Gma Reiss's from Nanas, gardening, Mary and Lary, Grandmas Geese... The stories went on.... and on... I was so excited to see the homes my grandparents.... but wow- how time changes things... I couldn't even recognize Nana's and Pompas house... I had to first fing Mary and Lary's... and to those of you who have never seen their house before will not think twice about this picture... to those of you who remember, Can You believe it???? Yes, that is Nana and Pompas house.... no deck, no tree- it's a good thing Pompas garage was still up in the back, or I may have just went and had a word with the new owners! :)

In lovelock we also visited G-ma and G-pa Reisses grave... for being such a desolate place uncle robert does good at keeping their headstone looking nice, decorating them with pinecones and driftwood from Tahoe.

Speaking of Uncle Robert.... what a great man... it was good to see him and spend time in his bachelor pad. He had such crazy stories and he actually talked Lyle into going gold hunting... yes! really.. Tahoe was, as always beautiful and wonderful..

We spent two night with Uncle Robert, then headed on our way to the city... Sanf Fran is just amazing.. We had such a great time there.. Ran every morning on the pier, adventured into the city, amazing food always.. We ate breakfast at a place called Dotties... it was soso good.. If I were to own a breakfast place, THIS would be it.. small, personal, and funky.. The chef/owner cooked for everyone and it was amazing to watch him and talk with him. Lyle and I sat at the counter and watched him rock the grill...

San Fran is truly an amazing city...
Bumbs hiding behind trees to scare people for money?!
trains, carts, piers, great fish, food, people. I love it there.

Last but not least we traveled up the coast to see Aunt Vicki and Philip.. We played on the beach and went and watched the surfers followed by an amazing sunset. We saw whales migrating, and enjoyed PERFECT weather...

They have such a beautiful cabin on the coast... It was so nice to spend time with them.. Lyle and Philip cut down trees, Lyle is pretty dang good at what he does. He hit the bullseye every time... Sexy man!!! We helped get a space cleared for their garden..They have an amazing little family of kitties and Asia. I don't know why but my pics from Gualala got erased... so I will post more... or not, there are already a lot... Sorry..

Vacation is needed.. It was so good for Lyle and I to get away.. You always come home with new eyes, and a better attitude.. I do anyway... You should try it.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Drive ....

Drive to...
Lake Tahoe
.... Enjoy Uncle Robert.... pretty cool... crazy... great uncle robert....
see more family in Reno.... wow! How time flies...
Drive to....
San Francisco.... ocean, bridge, people, food, bus, food, walking, running on Pier, food, Dotties, crazy people, Japanese tea, parks, beauty did I say FOOD!
Drive to....
Highway 1, the coast, seals, shops, ocean, windy roads, pictures, happy, smiles, Aunt Vicki, Uncle Philip, love, cabins, trees, cutting trees down, Mendoncino...
Drive to......


Thursday, March 11, 2010


a. A divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation.
b. The action or power of moving the intellect or emotions.
c. in Portuguese, inspire literally means to breathe

Inspiration presents itself differently to each of us and comes to us when we are actively seeking it, by accident or sneaks up on us by surprise. For some, it is harder to find and is rarely found. For others, it can be a relentless carousel that bullies the mind with no escape. How we become inspired largely depends on who we invite into our lives and how we view the world. Inspiration is unique, can be difficult to recognize, yet it is so impactful. Inspiration drives imagination. What inspires you?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A little Dance

Love Tunnel
Go Team!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Why would anyone run a 24 hour race?

Sleepless night, crammed in a van with 11 stinky people, 3 long runs 7 hours apart, one at 3 am!

Why would anyone run a 24 hour Race?
This is why?

Men in Short Shorts!Lyle, looking quite sexy!

Women in Neon!

Van Decorating!

Team Old School
Featuring Frank the Tank! And yes, he ran all three of his legs like this!!! People would come knock on our van door, "Is Frank in here? We want a picture with him!"
The Girls......
The guys......Side of the Road Dance Party!

The end of Lyle's first leg, the beginning of mine.. Notice the beer bong as our baton! If you have seen the movie Old school, you will understand this gesture!!!

My nemesis... before I passed him.....

after I past him...

Total road kill (people passed- 16-)
The end of my 6.7 mile climb.... seriously!!!

The beginning of Adams first leg....

and, after....

Leg two... WHAT! Another 6.3 miles of hills- I must have wanted it to be over very badly, my fastest 6 miles ever... 43:52!and I feel about how I look!

The end!

So exciting, so rewarding...

Of course we had to reinact the beer bonging scene in Old School! Because it tastes to sweet when it touches your lips. (side note- No beer was actually consumed by Mr. Frank the Tank)

We came in with a bang! Go Team Old School!
and that's why you run a 24 hour race... and I will again, and again!
Feed the addiction!

(Sorry about the picture overload- just wanted to share the full effect)