Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Bus, That's Amazing

Drum Bus Anyone?

Ya, its really a bus, with drums, that drives around,
making music and cheer
and happy things

We loved it...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Air is Crispy

I love the crispy air
looking to the mountains and watching them change
I think we live in the most beautiful amazing place!
waking up in the morning to the change of the season
frost on the grass
color of red and orange resinate through the whole valley
crunching leaves under my feet
the mountains breathe
leaves fall to the ground and bare branches show through
warm coffee in the morning never tasted better
nutmeg, cinnamon, apple, pumpkin
Fall hiking- for some reason the feeling is different! My soul feels lighter! I get happier!

October Fest
Fall Festivals and great reasons to get together as friends and families... To celebrate to laugh.

and saturday morning farmers market, where everyone is happy and musical and creative and wonderful!
Flannel sheets and down comforters
slippers, boots, leggins and scarves
harvest and prune
rake and plant bulbs

I am happy to live here, in this season..

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So.... My computer crashed....
I was devastated... Lost all my music!
Put my broken down computer in the closet, out of sight out of mind!
Decided to get it fixed-
it's fixed!
Had and amazing trip
decided to blog it
So I am back to blogging- a little

I love getting ready for vacation... make lists, clean the house, pack up, tune the bike, and get ready for a break a nice getaway (I know to many a 150 mile bike trip seems like nothing of this sort) But to me, a good four days on my bike, in the desert, with good people and the love of my life is about all I need to make everything just perfect!

Kokopelli is a 150 mile mountain bike trail hidden with charms that lie between Fruita and Moab.
I was lucky to steel my Lyle away from the fires for a week and take him on this bike adventure.

With a variety of riding, from single track to slick rock and open road to hike-a-bike,
it was an adventure worth having... We split the ride into four days, each day enjoying a different view and place to lay our head. Some nights the sounds of the river soothed our tired minds, which was perfect after riding through the dead town of cisco where nothing bright stood standing, only lonely abonded homes and stripped down old gas stations.
Other nights Red rock towered over our camp
adding to the days amazing journeys through slick rock and single track trails... It doesn't get much better than this...
Although there were days, where we climbed and climbed and climbed. . Carried our bikes over boulders as I cussed in my head WHY AM I DOING THIS- BIKES ARE MENAT TO BE RIDDEN, not HIKED, sweat more than I thought I could... wrecked a little and got saddle sore a lot, It was all worth it...
Waking up for yoga in the morning, and a fire to warm up by

A good game of Bite the box
(if you haven't played this game you must) and with a little lemonchinni, you will have no problem getting right into it:)

Tough Women, and men too!

All in all, we were happy! Had no complaints, good company and amazing food!..... We all split nights up cooking and had plenty of great meals, and only one night to worry about cooking, or cleaning up.

It was the greatest getaway!
Lyle wrecked, the last 30 feet of the trail, and yep! Tore is AC joint in his right shoulder! Poor Guy! I drag him out on this bike trip after 17 days of fighting fire, and this is what happens.... Dang it! Unfortunately it is a long healing process, and a painful one at that, but most likely he will not have to have surgery and will be back in full action in about 8 weeks.
He is amazing... and tough and sexy even with his nasty beard and handicapped arm... I think that he is neat, and now I get him home for a long time:)

Life is pretty great!
Don't you think