Monday, March 1, 2010

Why would anyone run a 24 hour race?

Sleepless night, crammed in a van with 11 stinky people, 3 long runs 7 hours apart, one at 3 am!

Why would anyone run a 24 hour Race?
This is why?

Men in Short Shorts!Lyle, looking quite sexy!

Women in Neon!

Van Decorating!

Team Old School
Featuring Frank the Tank! And yes, he ran all three of his legs like this!!! People would come knock on our van door, "Is Frank in here? We want a picture with him!"
The Girls......
The guys......Side of the Road Dance Party!

The end of Lyle's first leg, the beginning of mine.. Notice the beer bong as our baton! If you have seen the movie Old school, you will understand this gesture!!!

My nemesis... before I passed him.....

after I past him...

Total road kill (people passed- 16-)
The end of my 6.7 mile climb.... seriously!!!

The beginning of Adams first leg....

and, after....

Leg two... WHAT! Another 6.3 miles of hills- I must have wanted it to be over very badly, my fastest 6 miles ever... 43:52!and I feel about how I look!

The end!

So exciting, so rewarding...

Of course we had to reinact the beer bonging scene in Old School! Because it tastes to sweet when it touches your lips. (side note- No beer was actually consumed by Mr. Frank the Tank)

We came in with a bang! Go Team Old School!
and that's why you run a 24 hour race... and I will again, and again!
Feed the addiction!

(Sorry about the picture overload- just wanted to share the full effect)


mccall said...

that looks like SO much fun! (minus the running part). the outfits are hilarious.

i was so glad to see a new post from you! i miss my micah rae.

Erin said...

That is hilarious! You. Are. Awesome! And agree with McCall looks like so much fun (minus the running part!)

Love you!

the beezer said...

This is too funny!!! Not to mention a favor to ask of you...if you ever have time (which I am not sure you do) I would love for you to come and talk to my class about your running adventures or your life or whatever you feel like talking about! Let me know...cause I am for real!