Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Dazling Weekly Date

I love the outdoors... it is EPIC right now.

Lyle is gone a lot... and its not usually that difficult until fall rolls around, and I instantly crave being outside. I love it, it is so beautiful right now because the wild flowers are still thriving, but the leaves are changing as well. There are so many colors, it was overwhleming to my camera.. I love it when a bright red tree is surrounded by green pines.

The smells are so potent because of the moisture in the air... I absolutley love the smell of pine trees and sage brush.

So, anyway, I have started a weekly date in the mountains with my boy "bosko"... He is very charming and fun. . . I was driving him crazy because I kept stopping to take pictures and he just wants to hike to the lake that he knows is at the top of the mountain.

You may think that it's wierd that I call my dog charming... but he really is. I mean... just look at how handsome he is for one!but he also takes good care of me, and makes me feel important and loved .. When we hike, he is always ahead of me, but he always turns around to make sure that I am okay. When people are coming down the trail with dogs, he always comes and stands next to me to make sure that I am safe, and really wants to take care of me.

I bet people think I am a crazy dog woman- We play hide and seek, me and Bosko- and he makes me laugh so hard... The game goes something like this.....

I hide while he is ahead of me on the trail...

He comes back to find that I am missing

So he searches

and searches

I jump out and scare him

he runs

I chase him

of course he gets ahead of me....

and hides

as I aproach his hiding place he jumps out


and than he runs...

and I laugh, out loud

the look on his face is so funny

he is so excited

I chase him

and it starts all over.

He is so funny because he lays in the streams to cool down and shakes off on me, like he is marking his territory!

It wears me out. Being out with this dog.

But he enjoys being outside with me...

and I enjoy his company.