Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My favorite Place

I recently took a little trip to Moab... One of my most favorite places to visit...

The flowers seem to thrive on the rays of the sun although they had bloomed below a shade-giving patch of sage. Vibrant and rich; the colors may be seen from a distance but the delicacy is only recognized when you are up close. A perfect example of adaptation; they change to survive in the environment which they live.

The random flowers and constant change in foliage is not the only beautiful thing about Arches. The formations, the never-ending views of canyon lands and the freedom of space that is overwhelming only begin to explain the depth of beauty at Arches National Park. It is an occurrence that can only be experienced at specific places. Arches must be one of the most incredible places in the world. A place that can easily be taken for granted.

I was reminded of how lucky I am to be only four hours away from this beautiful place as I shared a hiking trail with a couple from Berlin. They expressed complete astonishment for the landscape, the colors, the lines and the weather. They were convinced that this is where they must relocate, because in Berlin they must travel 12 hours to experience any type of elevation change, and even after 12 hours it was only a rolling hill.

The landscape is strange, mind blowing and incredibly fascinating. The structure of Delicate Arch is so incredibly impressive, and the dessert terrain that surrounds it is strikingly beautiful. The foundation of this arch is small and the fact that it still stands is mind blowing. I love to sit and watch and listen, it is silent, but loud with noises that make you feel alone and in the same moment full and content. Birds and breeze and hallow echo’s. Seeing forever, things that make you smile. The abstraction of colors- white snow covered La Sals painting a perfect backdrop for the red rock, which I sat on below the warm sun.


Erin said...

Micah you really need to write a book! You are an amazing writer and I am always impressed with the detail and emotion you express in your writing! Your blog looks great! Love you lots!

Jessica said...

I share your love for Moab. It's mother nature at her finest. It's always been a place of natural art for me. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures.