Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy 90th Nanna!

She is an amazing woman.... Last month she decided to get a knee replacement after several years of pain. . . Her "old" knee is the only thing that was slowing her down- and for those of you who know Nanna, know that it was driving her crazy. Anyway, she got her knee replaced, and has been in an intensive physical therapy where all the doctors now know her as "The Gym Rat". She is doing well, she has worked really hard despite the pain and is walking around like nothing ever happened. I was so grateful to have her at my graduation.

She turned 90 yesterday, and the family threw her a huge birthday party. She had several friends and family there to celebrate with her. She had all 90 candels on her cake and when she blew them out it was like we were at a 70's party.. She is an amazing woman.... It is such an inspiring thing to see the many generations created by her and Pompa.


Chad & Keysha Peck said...

Hey Micah! I linked to your blog through Erin's. I enjoyed reading your are so put-together and mature! I hear you are quite the Yoga master! (How inspirational is that).

I am proud of you, and have always thought you were so beautiful and talented. I feel blessed to know you and to have been a part of the "Reiss" family growing up. (In fact, I really did get my little girls name from you. I think it is such a beautiful and unique name.)

I'm going to keep checking back on you to see what you're up too!

Kevin & Andrea Ross Family said...

I must say that I am REALLLY upset you have me on your blog, and you have never commented me! What the heck!! I just read all of your posts, and you seem so happy now. There are very few people from school that I think about often, but you are one of them. I have always wondered in the back of my mind, what you have been up to, if you have kids.... I really did think you were a great friend, and even after all this time I still miss you. If you are ever in St.G please give me a call. Here is my e-mail also. I would love to hear from you sometime!

Jessica said...

She is an amazing woman and we are so excited to see all of you to celebrate her life. Miah and I are so inspired by you. We want to follow your footsteps and get into yoga, I want to run a marathon, go to China, etc. Can't wait to talk to you!!!