Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Little Things

Many of you know that I work at a drug rehab center with at risk youth... I love my job, although it is extremely draining some days, it is increadibly rewarding on most. I was running a group Tuesday evening, and the theme and topic, although not determined before hand kept coming around to gratitude.

I was talking about how when we find things to be greatful for.... and are able to acknowlede things in life that we like.. more often than the things that we don't like... life is just a lot more pleasant. I think I tend to be a grump sometimes- because I forget to take time to remember the really great things in my life, and how blessed I am.

So I wanted to remind myself all that I have, all the things that I enjoy, and the small sometimes overlooked joys that I have in my life.

There are many...

I love to ride my bike... I have two, sometimes I can't decide which one to ride.
There is not many things better than riding my mountain bike up a gruling hill... to conquer it of course, thinking in the beginging- middle or even near the end that I might not make it, but finishing, and riding on.. I love to ride a trail near the University of Utah called the Bobsleds... It is perfect.. If you ride just before sundown, the sun lights up the valley in the most beautiful colors- you can see forever.. It always looks so amazing when the west mountains light up in pink and orange over the great salt lake... I always wish that I could pause time- and sit..... and watch... and listen... It is silent mostly- but still it is the greatest sound. I love to put headphones on my ears... with no music on so that I can hear my heart beat really hard, so that I can hear my breath...
This was one of the greatest bike trips ever.. We rode in moab.. I had to keep up with the boys.... considering I was the only girl.. This is Porccupine Rim.. It is amazing to ride..

I love my family... I think that I must have the greatest family around!" One great joy is being an Auntie.. I love these babies more than anything, to watch them grow and to see thier personalities develope has got to be one of the funniest, most memorable things.

I am greatful for good friends.. Brian and Jaime who cook me dinner far too often, and have really been there for me. I love their little Olivia. It is funny because Amber my sister has always called me Caca (as in... grose, or poop).. I hated it, but when Olivia got old enough to say my name... that too is what she called me.. I had to laugh, and this is when I accepted that my nick name was going to be Caca- Brian usually extends it out to Ma-caca or something, and even some of their friends know me as Caca, It is funny.. So Amber, I guess I am grateful for this too :)
For Sushi with Long Time friends and our get togethers like ol times...

For Lyle... I know it has been hard, still is hard, there has been a lot of stuff in our relationship.. But he is my best friend. He is a good person and reminds me everyday to be positive- he is funny too. I love him.. Althou I hate his job... he is quite dreamy when he comes home, looking rough and burley... :)

For being athletic- My new favorite right now is Muy Thai Boxing... My trainer kills me every Sunday...Dripping Sweat- but he makes me kick still...

The farmers market every Saturday morning. There is this sweet old farmer guy from Ogden that insists I eat his tomatoes because they are the best around. He claims that this is because the soil in Ogden is so much more pure and organic....hmm questionable, but they are good..
Caffe Espresso- I love this place.. Drive up coffee- they remember ehat I want each morning- not that my order ever changes but it maked you feel important and remembered

I am grateful that each and everytime I go up a set of stairs, I feel the urge or fear to run... I am grateful for this because it makes my giggle inside, and because it reminds me of the awsesome playful father that I have, who would chase me up the stairs threatening to tickle me.

The Boy... Bosko of course... he annoys everyone else, but I love him, he always knows how to cheer me up, and is the sweetest little (big) pup ever. He often violates anyone that is around by sticking his nose where it doesn't belong... it is funny...
It is easy to forget that "Life is good, really good.

It is

and I am grateful.


Erin said...

Awesome post Micah! It is amazing how blessed we are and how much happiness fills our lives. It always fills my heart when I think of all the things that I am grateful for.....and to see them written down is breathtaking! I loved your comment about the stairs. It made me smile and remember the sound that would always come from dads mouth as he chased us up those stairs. I still run as fast as I can when I go up stairs and dad is nowhere close to getting me! Ha Ha!

Love you!