Sunday, July 20, 2008

Do You Rememer

Mom and Dad...
do you remember30 years ago when you fell in love and decided to get married..
when you bought your first home and decided to settle down in Heber...
Mom and Dad do you remember taking us to hike in the Uintahs as a family or all of us laying in your bed.
teaching us to tie our shoes. read a book, and brush our teeth...
And do you remember ALWAYS giving us the BEST Christmas ever.

MOM- Do you remember....
Back to School Shopping from ten in the morning til the stores closed at night? We had so much fun..
or when we'd ride your bike every morning, me on back.. it was a bit wobbly in the begining but I loved it.
or when I'd come to aerobics with you and dance with you.
Mom, do you remember when we would make swedish pancakes together while your friend did her laundry in at our house?
or when you would roll my long hair in pink curlers each Saturday night.
When you would make me a bed on the couch when I was sick
you would stock the piano bench with everything I needed to get better.
Mom do you remember when you layed in your bed with me as I cried of a broken heart?
Laughing with me til tears came at your constant ability to say things backwards.
Baking cookies on Sundays, picking sweetpeas and putting them in vases
Filling the christmas tree with ornaments and decorating the living room..

I do mom... I remember.

DAD- Do you remember...
You carried a heavy mattress up a huge hill when we were camping so you didn't have to sleep on the ground.. I was imressed at your strength.
Do you remember teching me to cast a fishing pole on deer creek bridge
or how to weave a worm on a hook?
Dad, do you remember hiking the Narrows, it was hard... but you believed in me, so I did it.
or the time that you cried after givign me a blessing when I had surgurey on my foot.. I felt your tear on my arm
but I didn't tell.
When you whipped me with a weed eater (on accident of course)
then hugged me on the stairs.
When we would have cereal together after you would come home from work late
or when you would wake me up for school by tickling my feet...
Do you remember your excitment after my marathon.
The look on your face motivated me to finish
You had tears then too.

Mom and Dad- Do you remember?
Cuz I remember.

These are only a few memories that I have of you both.... The list of good memories flooded my mind. My heart could not be more full when I think of you both. I am so happy, so lucky, and so grateful to be part of you.
Who you are, and parts of you that you shared with me has made me who I am..

I am happy.

You are amazing parents, individuals, and the key people in my life... I strive to be like you everyday.

Thank You, for starting all this.

Happy 30th Anniversary.

I love you...


Kevin and Andrea said...

Wow! 30 years! Your parents look to young to have married for that long! Well happy anniversary David and Becky! And I loved the memories Micah, how cute :)

keysha said...

Happy Anniversary to two of my favorite people in the world who were like a 'mom and dad' to me growing up! Remember that fun trip to Lake Powell? One of the best Powell trips ever taken by the Nordfelts!

the blacks said...

You have such good memories- I love your ability to be sincere! Love ya Kami

babyjane said...

Tell your parents congrats...I sure it has been a journey (to say the least)! I work at the Gateway Barnes, so if you are ever downtown come and look for me!! And my glasses were $129...kind of alot but so far well worth it!!

Shelly Bean said...

micah... very sweet.

i really want to ride with you. lets try to this week.
i'm sure you will kill me on the road....but it will be

The Bichlers said...

You are so sweet. I hope my children have nice things to say about us when they get older.
Tell your parents congratulations!