Sunday, July 20, 2008

More of China

My Legs were so sore after climbing the stairs to Huashan... So worth it.

YOGA... The chinese were taking pictures of us... they thought we were crazy!

Tiger's Leaping Gorge! 3 day hike.. Beautiful. We stayed with the locals at their Guest Houses.

Kunming Temple

Huashan, climbing and climbing and climbing... I swore I would never do the stair stepper at the Gym again...

This little boy was peddling for money at 12:00 at night.. I was really sad.

The Great Wall


Kevin and Andrea said...

I LOVE all of these pictures. That one of you and the little boy is so cute. Thats the one thing I hate/love about traveling abroad, is you see the horrible conditions people are living in. But at the same time, it makes you extremeley grateful for what you have. Thanks for sharing more pics, and thoughts!

babyjane said...

These pics are amazing...Thank you!