Saturday, July 12, 2008

Good Week

It was a good week.. I love where I live. I love how close I am to the mountains... They are my playground.. We really are lucky.. It is funny because I used to say that there was no way that I would live my life in Utah.. I can't imagine being anywhere else.

Aunt Vicki and Phillip stayed with me for the evening, and we had a lot of fun. I took them into the mountains to climb and we went for a nice road ride. Philip was an amazing rider... He kicked my but on the hills, and I do not consider myself a beginner, I guess he is a pro..

It was nice to have family come to my house.. That doesn't happen often. It was really fun to share my passions and hobbies with them..

Love you guys.


Kevin & Andrea said...

so I have always wanted to try climbing, but I have a HUGE problem.... I am TERRIFIED of heights! Maybe you can take me, and I will listen better to you. My dad tried taking me once and I freaked out on him! I never even got off the ground! I know I'm a wuss! I can handle natural labor, but not climbing a mountain???