Monday, October 20, 2008

REAL to the FINALS!!!!

Lyle and I got to go the the REAL soccer game this weekend at the new stadium.. Thank you to Cara, my good friend who had amazing seats. The stadium is REALLY cool, and we had a great time... Lyle loved the Hot Dogs and Junk food as always
( I actually love it to but I always feel guilty after... he doesn't).

It was so much fun, although I didn't really understand all the rules- it was amazing to watch how much control the players have of the ball with just their feet- and how muscular the players legs are always keeps my attention! I am a Leg Lady... Lyle finally had to tell me to stop pointing out all the nice quads :) The weather was perfect, Lyles company is always the greatest, but unfortunatley I had one of my most embarrasing moments this night...

We drove the motorcycle and it was cold until we stopped, than it was nice, but really fun and we got the best parking... If any of you have been there you know that this is not possible in a car...

So the embarrasing moment.....
the whole stadium was doing the WAVE... It got to us, so Lyle and I stood up, put our hands in the air and joined in... I didn't realize that my seat had closed up, and when I went to sit back down... I fell to the ground.... Let me remind you that we had really good seats, so everyone behind me saw.... the guy next to me was laughing and the people in back were too... Oh my! Lyle laughed... But gave me a hug- I am glad that he wasn't embarressed of me.

REAL won... 3 to 1... We are going to the Finals... YEAH!!! I am very grateful that they won.... I hate it when we loose, but I also hate it when the teams tie... that just makes no sense, right? There is no resolve... no winner, and it really bothers me.

Anyway... If you have not been, go! You can get relativley good tickets at KFC for $15 dollars.