Sunday, October 26, 2008

I am grateful for good ones :)

We always get to gether for our birthdays. This time it was for Mindy and Myself, although my birthday is in May, I was in China and Kami was in Europe so it was postponed til now.

I really love these girls, I have been friends with them for many years, I worked with them all at Life Line but my relationship with them goes beyond just that.

Jaime Palmer is my greatest friend. I absolutley adore her. She is an amazing mom and always has good advice. She opened her home to me and let me live with her and Brian and Olivia for 6 months... I actually loved it too much- good food, and conversation. When I moved out it sucked and I really did think about moving back in. Anyway, she is a good friend, always supportive and I am really grateful to have a friend like her.

Kami Black and I are a lot a like, stubborn, feisty, but loveable :). I too think that she is a great friend, I trust that she will always tell me the truth and that she will listen to me if I need a lending ear. Kami is tuff too, I like women that are not wussy, and Kami is not. She is really strong not only physically but emotionally too.

Jesse Blankenstein and I have had our days... but in the end we are still friends and I love her. I think that Jesse is funny, she is honest, opinionated and very fun to hike with.. She is also a very cute mom.

Mindy Bichler is just so great. She always makes me smile because she is always happy. I enjoy being around her for this reason. She is very thoughtful and selfless.. she is always accepting and makes you feel okay even if you feel stupid, embarressed or uncomfortable.

Like I said, I have known these girls for a long time.....
It is funny how life changes and we get so busy. It took several tries for us to get our schedules to match up.. But we finally did and it was good times. Jesse, Mindy and Jaime all have little kids- so this often becomes the topic of our conversation. I love all their cute little kids, but hearing the stories about nipples, labor, and other such things make me question ever being a mom... haha... I think Kami too.

Anyway Thanks guys for taing me out it was a lot of FUN!


mccall said...

Aren't good friends the BEST! I'm glad you were able to get together with them. Looks like you guys had a blast!

keysha said...

Looks like you have some great friends--there is nothing better!

As for the Boot camp....It didn't meet my expectations. Maybe it will get better, but I belong to a wonderful gym that offers amazing classes--so I couldn't justify it. (I wish you taught Yoga at Lifetime Fitness...I would be in your class faithfully. I am 'trying' to get into Yoga, but as for now I only go 1X per week).

Good luck with your new yoga studio. let me know how it goes! You are amazing and so ambitious! You deserve great things.

mccall said...

Hey, Micah! I tagged you on my blog. Just FYI. Love you!

abby bennett said...

I am a total lurker on your blog :), but I didn't know you were friends with Kami (Ford) Black. She is so fun. I read your blog to keep up on your wonderful family.
Happy way belated birthday!

the blacks said...

You are so nice- i love you and am so glad we are friends! Love ya