Thursday, November 6, 2008

I was Tagged.....

6 quirks or things you may or may not know about me:

I am OCD with the way that I fold my shirts and pants, if they get unfolded I have to re-wash them
I cannot eat dinner if my kitchen is messy- so my dinner often gets cold before I can eat it
I move my feet together when I get really excited
I would rather spend time with new people than having awkward conversations with aquaintances
I have to touch everything especialy before I buy it
I hate filling up my gas tank. . . I drive as far as I can before filling it up- and have ran out of gas many times- you think that I would learn
I cannot towel dry after my shower- the feeling of it gives me the chills- I have to air dry.

I am going to tagg Erin, and Mindy, and Kami

Thanks McCall- I love these things


mccall said...

Thanks, Micah! That was fun to read. That's hysterical that you air dry! :-)

babyjane said...

Hey Micah,
Your yoga class is amazing! I am totally sore! I was just wondering about the punch card, 10 classes not ten weeks right? And can I write a check?
And my mom was hilarious she was saying that she hadn't done yoga since the 70's and she forgot how vigorous it is, she probably can't move today. Anyway let me know-can't wait for next week, I really needed that! And I am going to tell EVERYONE about it!