Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Dad had already won...

My Dad is a celebrity....

I have always been a daddy's girl!
I love my dad..
I think that he is neat.
He is funny, kind, and lovable.
He is playful


He is a motivation and an encourager, a teacher!

He is an amazing Man father and Dad.

and I must say- a pretty dang cool Papou too (gramps)
He is a hard worker, and my inspiration. 

the lessons I have learned from him are endless...

Before he ever won a national award.. He had already won...

Best Dad Award!

I am proud of my Daddy, and he is so deserving of this!
Although in the video the fields are all covered in snow... I am amazed at how beautiful and perfect they look in the summer. He is amazing!

I love you.


Mandee Shaffer said...

I love your daddy too! He's the funniest ever! Yay uncle david!

babyjane said...

Hell Yeah...David!! I can't believe that he got a national is about time for all his hard work! Not only on the turf but on helping raise his family and me too! Tell him I say, "Hi and congrats!"