Sunday, April 19, 2009

Quarter of my Century

I love Spring, Summer and Fall-

Right now I have such SPRING fever- I just want to be outside, I never want to stop riding my bike and I drive Lyle crazy with my anxious nagging about house projects. So I came up with a perfect way to enjoy the summer and....

Celebrate my new age!

This Summer is Quarter of my Century - the big "25"... Altough I know that I am not that old, I have been is a bit of crisis.... what am I going to do now that I am grown up.... how can I be in the best shape ever... where am I going to travel before I need to have kids.... How can I be better, experience more and live more...

So I decided to do 25 races to Celebrate my year! I figure it is a great way to stay in shape and to also support the community. The reason I post this is because I would love for you all to join me on any one of the adventures. Erin Notice there are some in Colorado!!! and I know you are prego... watch this year- next year participate!

Here are a few that I am doing/did- if you want to join, please do... I would love to have you there!

Moab 1/2 Marathon
Little Red Ridding Hood (100 Mile Bike)
The Other Half
Lotoja Relay (72 Mile Bike)
Boulder Boulder (10k)
TRI Utah Womens Triathalon
Provo Triathalon
Deer Creek Triathalon
MOAB Adventure Race (I need People)
Cycle Salt Lake Century Ride
Tour De Park City
AHA 5k Fun Run
ULCER (100 mile bike)

So obviosly I need more... I will find more- but if anyone has a race that they are doing or have done and liked, let me know.

So, My summer will be full of adventure... and sanity! Hopefully I will be busy enough to not miss Mr. Lyle to much while he is off fighting fire.


babyjane said... are truly inspiring! I wish you the best of luck this summer!

Erin said...

Way to celebrate 25! I hope I'll be able to watch you run at least a few of these! Count me in for the Boulder Boulder 10k in 2010! I think I could manage that, plus after this baby is born I have a goal to get in shape and celebrate with a tropical vacation! Running my first race would go well with that plan!

mccall said...

holy crap. you amaze me!

Kevin and Andrea said...

Go Micah!! And yes, do it NOW because once you have kids that freedom no longer exists! (But it is SO worth it!!)

a.r. :) said...

The Shaffer girls are doing one in Grand Canyon, I think in Nov. Check with them -- they'd love to have you join. Miss seeing you! a.r. :)

Brooke Hansen said...

How fun! What a great way to celebrate 25! Are there any races at the end of the year? I probably won't be able to do any, but I can't wait to train for something again once I have my baby!

Carmen said...

You are a machine. A beautiful wonderful crazy machine. ;)