Sunday, May 10, 2009

2 Down 23 to Go
A cure For Boobies!
for my quarter of a century challenge!

This weekend my friend and I ran Race for the Cure... This is the second race in my 25 countdown..
This race was so amazing for many different reasons...
One, I got to celebrate the life of my mom and her battle and recovery with cancer

and two, there were so many people! I could not believe all the people that came out to support such a great cause.

The street was literally full of people for as long as I could see. Although my friend and I went to run, we walked because of all the people. I was happy to be part of something so great!


Erin said...

Awesome! Wish I could have been there and done it with you. That sign "My mom and hero, Becky Reiss" brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful cause. I'm so proud of you!

Kevin and Andrea said...

Micah, that is SO awesome! I had no idea that your Mom had cancer?? Anyways looks like you had fun, and I'm glad that your Mom is better now. She is such a sweet lady, always has been :0)

mccall said...

That sign also brought tears to MY eyes! I have only met your mom once (I think) and I LOVED her. She seems like such an incredible lady.