Sunday, May 17, 2009

So much to tell!!!

Quarter of a Century
My 200 Mile Week 3 down 22 to go!

I have an awesome family! My mom is the greatest
and always treats me with the greatest birthday dinner and cake of my choice, this year is was an ice-cream cake, in which Amiah helped me blow out my candles! 

We played PIG, and let me tell you, my dads still got it!. 

My mom and dad also surprised me with a new and improved flower garden at my house! (this is like the best gift ever because I have has so much anxiety about  getting my yard together, yet no time). Thanks Fam, for such an amazing birthday!

By the way, Look at Zach... he towers over me :(

and it doesn't stop there! I continued to have the most amazing post week birthday. It all started on Monday as Lyle and I headed to the Canyonlands in Moab to bike the White Rim
We went with some friends of mine from yoga who are so much fun and very entertaining! We did the treck in about four days (which is to long for my liking, I'd rather do it in three) which allowed us to ride about 25 miles a day.. I freaking love it... You ride along the edge of the rim overlooking the most amazing scenery only to arrive at your camp spot, to sit in the shade and enjoy the sunset. What gets better than this:

The White Rim is a 100 mile trail that ventures into the desert and is so incredible.
The desert is one of my most favorite places in the world, we are so luck to live in it. 


Good Company

Dutch Oven Dinners


Red rocks
wild flowers

Hot sun
Chocolate covered Strawberries
Climbing, climbing, climbing
River bath after three days


Fast down hill
Lyle biking

seeking shade
warm nights

serenity of the desert
guy with a guitar

lyle signing with guy
yoga in the desert

beautiful terrain

slot canyon

island in the sky

The trip ended on Friday with the dreaded 7 twisted sisters- long switch backs that lead you out of the canyon, although they sound like no fun, they are I lov to climb... and I had to smile when I was the first to the top.... it doesn't matter, but when you are competitive it sure makes you smile to cheer on all the boys....

So... with that said, I am counting my White Rim trip as one of my races, maybe it is a justification, but I think riding 100 miles should count.... and mostly because Saturday I came home and rode the Salt lake City Century (100 mile rode ride) with my friend Jon...
Dont ask me what I was thinking..... well, what I was thinking is that "I have 25 races to complete".

The race was actually really a lot of fun... and suprisingly I felt great. It was fun filling the streets with bikers and riding together.
I am not going to lie though, I got through the race by finding really tall men to draft behind, and let me tell you "DRAFTING" is amazing.. For those of you who care, when someone rides, they create a 6 foot funnel behind them that curls, so if you can get within 6 feet of their back tire, they can actually pull you along- allowing you to do about 40% less work.... That is why it is AMAZING. I was happy to have so many people comment on my bike, and to get a free tune up because a Lynsky should never squeek.. This may sound silly, but whenever I tell people what my bike is (unless you are an avid biker) they don't know, and think that I am ghetto,... but really my bike is incredible I love it! 
We rode out to Antelope island and back!
We definalty live in an amazing place.

I am happy
Happy to be alive

Next race is on the 25th in Colorado, A 10k, happy I get to see Erin and Babies.

What have I gotten myself into :)


Erin said...

You are one crazy girl! 200 Miles in less than 1 week? I don't know how you do it! Can't wait to see you on Saturday....and next year I'll be running that 10K with you! Love you sis!

Kim C said...

I really admire you!

mccall said...

i am so glad you had such a wonderful birthday! i hope you got my text. love you!

babyjane said...

What is a Lynsky? I really have no idea and I should because I grew up at the Bike Shop in Heber.