Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Boulder Boulder and the Babes!

This is actually starting to be quite fun! 

I am 5 down in my races, and so far am loving this idea I had, especially when I get to see Erin and the babes.. now as I near the end of my 25 my enthusiasm just might change.

So here it is so far:
1- Moab 1/2 
2- Race for the Cure 5k
3- White Rim
4- Salt Lake City Century
5- Boulder Boulder

and the list will go on.. ... 

This weekend I went to Colorado to 1) See my sis who is wonderful and 2) To run the Boulder Boulder.. Although my trip was short it was so much fun... 

The race was really a fun race...
and Boulder it incredibly beautiful.. like mind blowingly. The race winded through the street of Boulder, where locals cheered the runners on, handed out bacon, and beer of course and played music from their home stereo! There were bands all along the course and entertainment all around as people ran past me all dressed up in anything from Where's Waldo to Nuns, Gorillas, Santa, 80's dancers and tutu wearing men.
What a blast!
The race ended at the Stadium at the University and again,
WOW!!!! What a beautiful place. I was so happy that Ellie came to watch too- She is the sweetest, most energetic little girl! She has a good attitude and is so smart! She woke up at like 5:30 and didn't even complain! I just love her...
although after the race she wanted nothing to do with me after because I was so sweaty!

Not only did we get to go to boulder but also to the zoo! What fun!
These kids are the light in my world! I love them so much! Benson just thinks that he is so neat!!! well, he actually is! He was so funny and had to show me all his tricks and how big he was! He is a little feisty but oh, what a doll!

Oh yeah! and did I mention how amazing my sister is?  I admire her so much! She is such a great mama of 2 (soon 3)! and I have to commend her for how great of a mother she is. She is selfless and funny. She is creative and has a cute home with lots of fun things for the kids. She is understanding and caring and she allows her kids to be independent. I am so proud of the person my sister is! I hope one day I can be like her! 


babyjane said...

I love following you on this journey, it is so amazing! And I completely agree with you about your sister...however I have never met your babies. I can not wait until that day!

mccall said...

Hilarious that the people would dress up! That's awesome. I am so glad you got to spend some time with your sister and her kids. Sisters are the best! Ellie is a spitting image of Erin! SO CUTE!

Erin said...

Micah are too Sweet! It was so WONDERFUL having you here, and the kids already miss you! Benson is still telling me he doesn't want Micah to go home!

Call me crazy, but your enthusiasm about 25 races it starting to get to me! I actually googled 'colorado races' today and seriously pondered how many I could commit to! Ha! You give me some serious inspiration...and I hope to be just like you one day!

Love you!

KEYSHA said...

You're amazing! What a fun goal to do 25 races!!! You are one adventurous girl; go get 'em and keep posting about all your races! (I want to get into biking, but I am intimidated by the road and all the rules..I think I would be the biker all the cars would be flipping off and honking at!!!)

p.s. I need you to recommend a good Yoga DVD. I bought some on Amazon, and I like them, but you're the master Yoga-er.