Monday, June 8, 2009

 Little Red Riding Hood

6 down
19 left to race!

What a fun day.
Another century down- and other race in the past! I am now into the "teens"- whew!
This race was an all women's race, 2600 Women, I believe.. Really amazing.
I had so much fun with Shelby and Tiffany- thank goodness for them I made it through. 
What a cool feeling to be riding in a team to finish something so challenging.
The race was hard... much harder than the last! We had a head wind for a large majority of the race, and as you know this does not make it easy! 
I have really been amazed by the human body- and what it allows us to do! 
I am so grateful for my health- and for people around me who encourage. The scenery was incredible- I never knew Logan was so beautiful 
My whole family was at the end to see me finish... This was so nice, I was so surprised :)... 
I have a great family. 

I have great friends.

I have a great life. 


babyjane said...

You do have a great life...I saw your comment on my blog...are you living in Heber? And yes I am...I just need to know what other classes you are having other than Sunday? Sundays seem to be bad for me.

Kev said... inspire me. I've totally got to start training more. It was great seeing you guys last weekend. We've got to do that again...and soon.