Sunday, June 28, 2009


I have had an eventful week- full of happy smiles and glad to be alives! Ya know what I mean

The weeks happenings were:

Early morning Wasatch Crest Lap-
This is one of my all time favorite mountain bike trails to do, here at home.. It is beautiful and fast and fun.... even this time in the rain and clouds and mud- it was AMAZING! We all looked like we had crapped our pants due to so much mud flinging, but oh- what a blast.
MS 150-
Okay- so this year I didnt do the whole 150~ I really wanted to, but I couldn't find a sub for my yoga class on Saturday morning... so instead I headed to Logan Saturday night, camped with some friends (side-note my subaru+air mattress = amazing car camping experience) and rode 75 on Sunday. It was so beautiful, and very challenging because I did most of the race alone, very little drafting.. I was thankful it wasn't as windy as Little Red.
Oh, yeah.... so the canyon that we rode up today was closed to traffic from like 7-11. On my way down the canyon the cops had stopped several cars from going up, and the line was quite long... As we rode past the cars- they were flipping up off, calling us Mother F@!!!$ers and a holes... I was like really shocked... I couldn;t believe people could be so rude and unsupportive of "a good cause"! and shit, they should have made good use of thier time, cheered us on and then been on their way... CAN YOU BELIEVE PEOPLE!!!!

Any way- the race was a blast, and THANK YOU so much to all of you who donated..

Aced Stats Test
What more needs to be said

Arts Festival Rain Out
We were at the Arts festival, happy, looking at arts and stuff-
when suddenly a bid black rolling thunder filled cloud decided to hover and dump on us for a good 30 minutes... All of the folks at the Festival crammed into 3 large tents and watched at the rain came down... launghing, joking, and still being happy (they'all need to teach the bike haters a lesson) although kinda a bummer- twas interesting- It made me smile, and left a full double rainbow!


Kevin and Andrea said...

It looks like you have been doing lots of fun things! That's one thing I miss about living up North, is being able to actaully be OUTSIDE! It is to frickin' HOT here! P.S. Loved the Micah-ology post (wasn't that a fun tag??!!)

babyjane said...

I can not believe the bike rider haters...but then again I can. I looked at a forum about biking on ksl and most of the people were talking crap on bike riders instead of being supportive...what gives?
Plus, you need to give me your complete yoga schedule I have been meaning to make it back to your classes...I like it the most!

mccall said...

people are so retarded! i can't believe you got yelled at. let's get together! let us know when lyle isn't working...