Tuesday, October 11, 2011

And this moment is the best Journey

It has in fact been about a year!!! I will not even start to pretend that I am a good, dedicated consistent blogger. That I am NOT!

Summer has come and gone all to quickly.... Rain and muddy bike trails sadden me :( But I have had the greatest summer!
First off, I have a hot husband.... who works hard, and although I have a hard time not seeing him for a good portion of the summer, he sure looks good doing what he does!!!! I love this picture..
Before Lyle's fire season started, our good friend Jeff aka "Hollywood" took us to Napa Valley.... It was an amazing experience. He is a wine broker in Salt Lake, so of course he was treated Very WELL.. we all were! It was cool to see the process of wine and Champagne being made and the landscape there is absolutely breath taking.

Some Bocci Ball.... this was a serious competition!
SOOOO beautiful!

The summer started with a lot of road biking, Me and My friend Sara trained for a 180 mile relay from Snow Basin to Provo. The training was a blast, it was Sara's first bike event ever and she did so Awesome. We finished 4th in our Category (which was awesome considering we had NO expetations to place)

Lyle took a break mid fire season to go to Flaming Gorge with our Super Great friends Camie and Darren... We love these guys!!!

Four days of camping, boating, good food, good company and a few tears of FRUSTRATION.... but dont get me wrong.... I eventualy, finally, after like 40 tries, failures, getting my butt kicked by water learned to Solomon Ski...
I am too competitive at times... To Lyle this was no thing....

We also had a great boat day with the family at Deer Creek... Erin was hilarious on this tube, I was laughing way to hard....

although Kenny is not the slowest boat driver out there...

I got to watch little Amiah and Tayger for the weekend.... Love these kids... They make my soul so happy.... Although I am not ready to be a mom.... Too much work:)

The Summer comes to an end with a friends beautiful wedding at Sundance, the colors were beautiful....
a night out with with the ladies was much much needed! We had a blast!


mccall said...

You are gorgeous.