Monday, February 9, 2009

It's okay that it's Monday!!!

I love it when you have a really full weekend, where you feel like you did everything that you were supposed to do and when Monday comes around..... it's okay because the weekend was so good. 

We finally got to hang out with McCall and Tannon- we love these guys. We went bowling
where I had a really bad game- but still had lots of fun. McCall and Tannon are moving to Pittsburgh and I will miss them oh so much. 

Saturday I had lunch with my family- I absolutely love it when they come visit me.. We are so close it seems that it should happen more- but I think I have the greatest family and most handsome little brother(s)

Sunday- The Yoga Studio was packed... It has been really steady and I am excited about the new people that have been coming. I will soon be adding more classes. 

We also had our long run. we are up to six miles- which is one of my favorite distances to run...I am proud of Lyle because he is working hard- and really doesn't like to run-  I like having Lyle as my running partner- for one, he is naturally a faster runner than me... so I have increased my speed and that is good, and two, I am learning to "try" not to be so competitive... Sometimes I still am.. I know that I need to enjoy things and when I get competitive I don't 

So Thanks Lyle.  

Anyhow- The weekend was good, and I am happy. 

Stay tuned for Tasty Tuesday..


mccall said...

We had so much fun with you guys! We can't get enough of you!

I'm glad you had a great weekend. Those are the best :-)