Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Why do I ????

Ouch!!! I am sore.
China was not the best hing for my practice.
I tried Tai Chi- and stretced when I felt like it.
But I didn't do yoga much on my trip.
Back into the routine... I like it, being sore.
I like to breathe
to be
to teach
and to move.

So, that's why I do.

I was asked why I do yoga, and I had to take a moment to think about it.. I know that I do it because I like it.
That isn't just it.

I smile whenever I do it.. When I teach it, it fullfills me.
Yoga- it means to bring together, a union. It is a task at hand
but any task you wish for

Bringing me to find connection with my body and my mind.

but it doesn't always have to be the same
Tough- sweaty
Meditative- calming

I find that when I do yoga, I experience something.
Something that I want to hold onto always.
Like mastering my own mind. Leaving the past, the future and just being.

That is hard for me. It is hard for me everytime I do yoga.
Everytime I leave a class, or my personal practice.

But it is a glorious thing to strive for.

I think that I am more pleasant to be around when I do yoga
I am easier to laugh
Not so.... defiant

I am happy...

Happy to do Yoga!


Kevin and Andrea said...

I have never even tried yoga. They offer it at my gym, but who am I kidding I never even make it! I really need to work on that though. I know i need to be losing some weight! Maybe this was a sign I should try yoga....

keysha said...

I started doing Yoga regularly during the winter (now that it is summer I haven't been for a while!) I loved it. You're right, it does something with your body/mind/soul that nothing else can. The class I went to was called Fusion, so it was a Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi combination. I loved the way it made me feel!

I hear you're an amazing instructor! Wish your gym was closer--I would love to attend one of your Yoga session!

babyjane said...

This comment you made about yoga is inspiring and absolutely so is one of the most fulfilling and amazing things that we can do here. Micah I am so amazed by the person you have become...truly.

Boonie said...

I heart the Yoga Pod in Boulder. It always kicks my ass, and I love every second. I would love to come and take a class from you my friend.